Monday, 11 November 2013

Cadalot Services Limited

The Cadalot name and logo has been around since the 1990, it all started with a web site for the support of Structural and Architectural Technicians, Graduates and Engineers using CAD software. Cadalot Services Limited was formed and started trading in December 2013, after the company I was working for decided to no longer undertake residential projects.

Services provided by Cadalot Services Limited Include:-
  • Party Wall Surveyor Services party wall disputes, party wall act questions,
  • Drawings for Planning Permission,  party wall disputes
  • Drawings and Calculations for Building Control Approval
  • Hoop Iron Surveys and Reports, party wall agreement forms
  • Structural Engineers Reports, party wall awards,  wall expert 
  • BIM Consultancy, party wall notice, faculty of party wall surveyors
Should you wish to contact me my mobile is 07775757068
or contact me via email using alan(at) 
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