Inspections & Reports

I have been working in the construction industry since 1974. I regularly undertaken inspections and investigations of existing buildings or structures, to appraise and report on the condition, or implications of any proposed change which may affect the structure. Reports can be prepared for:
  • Domestic properties (houses or flats)
  • Commercial buildings (offices or shops)
  • Industrial buildings
  • Other structures  
Reports are tailored to meet the precise requirements of the project or client, and can comment on:
  • Desk study results
  • Ground conditions or foundations
  • Drainage
  • Nature and capacity of the structure
  • Remedial measures
  • Further investigations required
  • Viable options
  • Recommendations on way forward
Cadalot Services Limited reports are presented in an accepted format for presentation to insurers and institutions and focus on the engineering aspects of building or structure.